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Manage a diverse client lists, 100s of bills and simultaneous committee meetings with ease.



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Improve your bill analysis workflow.  Coordinate your executive team, legislative affairs and division experts in one system.



Break policy and political news with our powerful research desk’s real-time alerts.

Legislative IQ ® News Feed

Legislative IQ ® makes it easier than ever to monitor Florida’s policy, budget and campaigns. With it, you’ll see the big picture, know the players and stay informed as developments occur. Recent developments:
  • Florida’s Legislative Process 101: 2019 session dates announced - The Senate released official dates for the 2019 regular session: March 5 to May 3.
  • Arrivals and Departures: Arrivals and Departures, March 23, 2018 - Appointments were made to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission.
  • State Economy: Florida’s jobless rate unchanged from Jan. to Feb. - Florida's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.9 percent in February 2018, unchanged from last month.
  • Florida Constitution: 25 proposed amendments head to drafting - The Constitution Revision Commission voted to send 25 proposed constitutional amendments to its Style and Drafting Committee, which will review the measures and recommend ballot language prior to a final vote being taken by the full commission.
  • Higher Education Appropriations: Lottery won’t pursue appeal over IGT contract - Saying the issue was rendered moot by the 2018-19 budget bill, the Florida Lottery dropped an appeal of a court's decision to back House Speaker Richard Corcoran in a lawsuit over a $700 million contract awarded by the agency.
  • Property: Report: Florida building codes best in nation - The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety ranked Florida's building code No. 1 in the nation for withstanding hurricanes.
  • Lobbying and Ethics: Session Summary: Legislature fails to pass sexual harassment legislation - During the 2018 session, a measure creating guidelines and penalties for sexual harassment failed in addition to a number of bills aimed at revising local government policies.
  • Public Employees: Session Summary: Labor union, CRA reform bills unsuccessful in 2018 - Legislation making reforms to the state's public unions and community redevelopment agencies again lost traction in the Senate in 2018.

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    Quickly find breaking news, legislation and analysis, bill amendments of interest to you.
    Outsource the legislative monitoring process with our real time bill and amendment action, calendar and news alerts.
    Quickly create and send status updates to your colleagues and clients.
    We assemble information from hundreds of public and private sources which have bearing on the legislative process into a single resource.
    All major policy areas, budget appropriations and on-going campaign races summarized and updated as developments occur.
    Monitor your issues in the press with access to Florida and National newspapers and television stations.

Discover the secret of Florida’s most demanding and influential legislative participants.

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