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Meet Florida’s most powerful research, monitoring, news and analysis service. We provide deep access to Florida’s policy making process. Identify and track bills based on a custom profile of keywords and statutes. Be alerted to legislation that matters to you, your clients or your members as they move through the state’s fast-paced process.

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Manage a diverse client lists, 100s of bills and simultaneous committee meetings with ease.



Identify legislative threats and opportunities that will affect your bottom line.



Communicate your legislative agenda with stakeholders & members. Engage your network.


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Establish and expand your government affairs practice. Track proposed changes to statutes.


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Improve your bill analysis workflow.  Coordinate your executive team, legislative affairs and division experts in one system.



Break policy and political news with our powerful research desk’s real-time alerts.

Legislative IQ ® News Feed

Legislative IQ ® makes it easier than ever to monitor Florida’s policy, budget and campaigns. With it, you’ll see the big picture, know the players and stay informed as developments occur. Recent developments:
  • Cabinet: Attorney General: Moody, Fant close in fundraising for attorney general race - Both Ashley Moody and Rep. Jay Fant have raised around $1 million in their race to be Florida's next attorney general.
  • Cabinet: Chief Financial Officer: Ring brings in almost $60K total in September for CFO race - Former Democratic Sen. Jeremy Ring picked up $35,139 in his campaign account and another $23,000 in his political committee during September.
  • Executive: Governor: Democrats losing badly to Republicans in fundraising for governor - Sen. Jack Latvala and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam are outfundraising Democrats four-to-one in the race for governor.
  • Cabinet: Commissioner of Agriculture: Grimsley top fundraiser last month in ag commissioner race - Sen. Denise Grimsley led fundraising for the agriculture commissioner race in September. She is one of three Republicans that has raised more than $1 million thus far.
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations: Harrell files bill on Indian River Lagoon funding - Another lawmaker will seek annual money from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to protect the environment. Republican Rep. Gayle Harrell wants $50 million for the Indian River Lagoon.
  • State Economy: Florida minimum wage to increase by 2% - The minimum wage for Florida workers will increase in January from $8.10 an hour to $8.25 an hour.
  • Health Providers: Dozens of health providers seek exceptions to generator rules - More than 50 long-term health providers are seeking variances from the generator rules from Gov. Rick Scott.
  • Florida’s Elections Process 101: Florida’s 2 main political parties could pay hefty fines - The Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Democratic Party could be hit with fines for not reporting campaign finance numbers on time.

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    Outsource the legislative monitoring process with our real time bill and amendment action, calendar and news alerts.

    Quickly create
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    updates to your
    colleagues and clients.


    We assemble information from hundreds of public and private sources which have bearing on the legislative process into a single resource.

    All major policy areas, budget appropriations and on-going campaign races summarized and updated as developments occur.

    Monitor your issues in the press with access to Florida and National newspapers and television stations.

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