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Legislative IQ

House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who may run for governor in 2018, has opened a new PAC.

Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order for a special election in House District 44. He appointed the previous incumbent, Eric Eisnaugle, to the bench. A special primary election will be held Aug. 15, 2017 and a special election will be held Oct. 10, 2017.

State colleges want the governor to veto its budget and make lawmakers reassess the cuts they made to remedial education.

Florida TaxWatch released its 2017 Budget Turkey Watch Report Friday. It labeled 111 appropriation items totaling $177.8 million in the budget as items that were not fully vetted by the Legislature.

The colonel of the Florida Highway Patrol says he's lost half of the agency's workforce since 2010.

The National Institute for Early Education Research ranked Florida second in the nation for service in prekindergarten programs but 40th in per-student funding.

Republican Linda Rinaldi has filed to challenge Rep. Joe Geller in 2018.

Lobbytools Blogs

The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2017 House and Senate bills. As of Tuesday afternoon, 3,028 bills have been filed.

The Rules

An updated edition of the House Rules has been released.

The Rules

During the majority of session: House committee amendments must be filed by 6:00pm the day before a committee meets; Senate amendments must be filed 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

The Rules

Refresh your knowledge of committee meeting notice deadlines so you'll know when to expect the information you need. During session, meeting notices (i.e., the meeting agenda and list of bills to...

The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2016 House and Senate bills.

As a multi-state, I have not found as good of a tracking tool as we have with LobbyTools in Florida. LobbyTools makes it easy to keep track of all the materials and events at the Florida Capitol.

- Scott Jenkins
Banking Lobbyist