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Republican Rep. Mike Hill did not break the law by claiming a homestead exemption in Pensacola says the Escambia County property appraiser. But Hill said the investigation and media attention undoubtedly hurt his campaign for Senate District 1.

The Florida Retail Federation PAC has backed Andrew Watt for Florida House District 85.

A report from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office said that Senate candidate Andrew Korge will not be charged for allegedly offering Sen. Dwight Bullard a bribe to switch races because the $25,000 he offered Bullard was intended to be for fundraising.

Gun advocates say they will protest outside of Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's house in September because of the two pro-gun bills he blocked as the Judiciary Committee chairman in the 2016 session. The group's organizer confirmed U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus will join the march.

Former Sen. Gary Siplin, attempting a political comeback, dismissed nearly a quarter of a million dollars in tax liens brought by the IRS. Siplin said he did not know what the liens were for and also that he was appealing them.

Visit Florida did not renew its contract with Pitbull, who acted as "brand ambassador" and promoted Florida tourism in his "Sexy Beaches" music video under the now-expired contract.

The incoming state Senate president acknowledged the difficulty of passing a $2.4 billion plan to buy South Florida land and move Lake Okeechobee water into the Everglades.

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Feature Spotlight

LobbyTools has released a new "Password Recovery" feature. Now resetting your password is easier than ever.

The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2016 House and Senate bills.

The Rules

During Interim Committee Weeks, House and Senate will notice meetings 7 days in advance. Refresh your knowledge of committee meeting notice deadlines so you'll know when to expect the information...

The Rules

The 2015B special session starts next week. Brush up on some of the legislative rules that will govern the procedures during the next few weeks.

The Rules

Florida Senators have filed SBs 14, 16, and 18 -- the first claim bills for the 2016 Session. In accordance with Senate Rule 4.81(2), August 1 is the deadline for filing claim bills.

The Rules

As part of planning and budgeting instructions to agencies, the state released its annual calendar of major events for fiscal year 2015-2016. Legislative Budget Request and Capital Improvements...

The Rules

The 2015-A special session is less than a week away. Brush up on some of the legislative rules that will govern the procedures during the next few weeks.

Feature Spotlight

Bill Comparison is here! Our new bill text comparison tool shows text changes in a single view. Spotting changes between bill versions and amendments is easier than ever.

From the first bill filed through to Governor’s Actions and Chapter Law numbers, Lobbytools not only provides timely information, but provides the means to narrow and personalize the information for my agency. Customized reports are spot-on. And the Lobbytools team is there with excellent customer service to support their product.

- Shari Naftzinger
FL Dept. of Environmental Protection