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Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda was endorsed by The Tallahassee Democrat over primary opponent Arnitta J. Grice-Walker. Both women are Democrats.

Democrat Travis Pitts has withdrawn from the race for Rep. Marti Coley's term-limited seat. That leaves two Republicans and a Libertarian in the running.

A new poll from St. Pete Polls finds that Sean Shaw leads his main competitor for the HD 61 nomination, Ed Narain, 25.7 percent to 20.3 percent among likely Democratic voters.

Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs is overshadowing her opponent former Rep. Steve Perman in House District 96's Democratic primary, but many voters are still undecided.

Just days before the primaries, Gov. Rick Scott announced intentions to increase per-student spending to a record high in 2015. Who holds the record? Democratic candidate Charlie Crist.

Republican Jay Trumbull was endorsed by Florida doctors earlier this month. But the group has since come out in favor of Medicaid expansion and one of his primary opponents is calling on him to reject the endorsement.

The Florida Times-Union endorsed Republican Paul Renner over primary opponent Jay Fant Wednesday for the Jacksonville House Seat. But the paper noted "it's a tight call" and Fant is an "appealing candidate" for HD 15.

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Now that the House & Senate are filing bills for the 2014 legislative session, 2013 statutes are published, and committee members are appointed, LobbyTools has defaulted to the 2014...

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Read sections of the Official 2012-2014 House and Senate Rules pertaining to claim bills.

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Legislator's financial disclosure forms, filed annually with the Florida Commission on Ethics, are now available on LobbyTools.  In addition, we've compiled a data set with net worth totals...

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