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The Tallahassee Democrat is urging Florida voters to give Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam another term.

Florida Today's editorial board is urging Florida voters to vote yes on the state's proposed conservation Amendment #1.

No-party affiliated candidate Hamilton Hanson wrote an op-ed for the local paper just days before the election.

This week sees several meetings and forums on Florida's water and land issues and culminates in the Florida Seafood Festival.

The Florida Times-Union endorsed Rep. Lake Ray for re-election.

The local paper endorsed Rep. Janet Adkins for re-election over her Democratic challenger.

The Florida Times-Union endorsed Rep. Doc Renuart for another term.

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Now that the House & Senate are filing bills for the 2014 legislative session, 2013 statutes are published, and committee members are appointed, LobbyTools has defaulted to the 2014...

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The new 2013 statutes are now available on LobbyTools. Statutes can be found by clicking the Statutes link, located under "Research" in the menu on the left side of your screen. Keep reading if...

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Attention all Gmail users: If Google has automatically updated your inbox so that your emails are now being sorted into Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums, all of your LobbyTools...

The Rules

Read sections of the Official 2012-2014 House and Senate Rules pertaining to claim bills.

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No more searching! LobbyTools offers quick, easy-to-find news and information, organized by subject area, with Channels.

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Legislator's financial disclosure forms, filed annually with the Florida Commission on Ethics, are now available on LobbyTools.  In addition, we've compiled a data set with net worth totals...

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In the coming weeks, LobbyTools will be adding many new features to your existing LobbyTools subscription.  Our research and development team has been hard at work creating solutions for many...

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LobbyTools presents Legislative IQ Special Reports - Detailed summaries of 2013 legislative issues and their outcomes, including our POLICY NOTES with play-by-play updates for each development...

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