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Former Miami Beach Commissioner Deede Weithorn is the sole candidate for House District 113. Jeff Cynamon has left the Democratic primary.

Neelam Taneja Uppal will challenge Democratic Rep. Ben Diamond in the 2018 election cycle.

Democrats Ross Hancock and Javier Estevez are running against Republicans David Rivera and Ana Maria Rodriguez.

Attorney Margaret Good, a Democrat, has filed to run for House District 72. She joins Republican James Buchanan and Libertarian Alison Foxall.

Eddy Dominguez will replace Paul Chandler as the Democratic candidate in the House District 44 special election.

Legislative delegations across Florida hold meetings. The Florida Transportation Commission and the Florida Building Commission meet.

The Florida Education Association is suing Florida over the Best and Brightest teacher bonus program, saying the program is discriminatory against older and non-white teachers.

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The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2017 House and Senate bills. As of Tuesday afternoon, 3,028 bills have been filed.

The Rules

An updated edition of the House Rules has been released.

The Rules

During the majority of session: House committee amendments must be filed by 6:00pm the day before a committee meets; Senate amendments must be filed 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

The Rules

Refresh your knowledge of committee meeting notice deadlines so you'll know when to expect the information you need. During session, meeting notices (i.e., the meeting agenda and list of bills to...

The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2016 House and Senate bills.

I enjoyed the real-time updates of our tracked bills. There were some key moments during the legislative session that we were watching the progress minute by minute and when action was taken we saw the post updated almost instantly.

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