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The House and Senate formally agree on funding for Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida after meeting twice Saturday. The remaining budget differences for the Department of Economic Opportunity are bumped to the budget chairs.

The House made its final offer on transportation agency budgets Saturday after the Senate's second proposal earlier in the day. The differences -- mainly in member projects, the chair indicated -- will head to the main budget chiefs.

The House and Senate health budget subcommittees made some progress but will send several issues to the main chairs.

Large differences in justice department budgets -- as well as proviso language -- will now go to main budget chairs as the Senate and House conferences met for their final negotiation.

The House Saturday morning rejected the Senate "contingency" offer on the environment. The Senate bumped "everything" after expressing its disappointment.

Government operations budget subcommittees traded final offers before bumping the remaining issues, which include a restructure of IT services, to the main appropriation committee chairs.

The Florida House and Senate have decided on a budget framework and are ready to finish negotiating.

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The Rules

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The Rules

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The Rules

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