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Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget includes funding for less than half the correctional officers requested by DOC Secretary Julie Jones, as well as a $7.9 million increase to pay for the state's contracts with health care providers Wexford and Corizon. Corizon was recently fined $22,500 after audits determined the company was failing to meet contractual standards of care.

In addition to seeking private funding, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga will push the state to once again provide funds to allow those who cannot affording legal representation access to civil courts.

A state-commissioned report on what it would take to split the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering was released. It estimates the cost at $1 billion or $500 million for each institution.

The current year's budget for government operations is $2 billion. Gov. Rick Scott is recommending cutting that slightly and funding the budget section at $1.9 billion.

Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget included a $69 million cut for the Department of Economic Opportunity, but continued to push for more economic incentives funding.

Gov. Rick Scott's annual budget recommendation sought $10.3 billion for the Transportation segment of the budget, a $240 million decrease from last year's appropriation.

Jacksonville City Council member Don Redman filed for the 2016 election to replace term-limited Rep. Lake Ray in House District 12.

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