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The House released a report on county by county allocations from the recently passed 2015-16 budget. The report covers items that are identifiable to specific counties, not all of the money that each will receive from the state.

Former Florida GOP chairwoman Leslie Dougher announced her intention to enter the House District 19 race to replace term-limited Rep. Charles Van Zant.

House District 54 candidate Dale Glading has announced his intention to push for a bill banning all abortions after 18 days past conception if elected.

County Clerks of Court have agreed to a 5 percent across-the-board spending cut due to a $22.4 million deficit in the Clerks of Court Trust Fund, which the Legislature funds through a different process than the rest of the budget.

Gov. Rick Scott's health care commission continues its "transparency tour" around the state and Florida's Future Farmers of America holds its annual convention in Orlando.

Rep. Ray Pilon will run for re-election in House District 72, instead of running for a Senate seat that could open up in Sen. Nancy Detert decides to make a bid for the Sarasota County Commission.

A University of Florida lab in Ft. Pierce, which controls invasive plants and insects, is likely to shut down as a result of funding vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott.

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The Rules

The 2015-A special session is less than a week away. Brush up on some of the legislative rules that will govern the procedures during the next few weeks.

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LobbyTools is pleased to announce its renewed partnership with Regus Tallahassee.

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Bill Comparison is here! Our new bill text comparison tool shows text changes in a single view. Spotting changes between bill versions and amendments is easier than ever.

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Learn about our newest features; Review your bill keywords and statutes...

The Rules

Session begins Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Did you know there's a difference between session and interim committee notice deadlines? It’s not just guess work --...

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As statutes are created, deleted, and amended to reflect new language, LobbyTools provides you with all of the 2014 statute updates.

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Session is over -- now it's the Governor's turn to act on bills. LobbyTools can help you keep track of what happens to the bills you care about after the legislature finishes their action.

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It's the final days of session, and bills are bouncing from chamber to chamber "in messages." We recommend taking the following steps to prepare.

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