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  • Research
    Tell us what matters to you – keywords, statutes, legislators, subjects. We’ll suggest bills, policy and budget areas to track and meetings to attend.
  • Track
    Track bills and statutes and subscribe to real-time, hourly or daily alerts to keep up to date as developments occur.
  • Report
    Send updates to stakeholders and clients with one click.

Focus on advocacy. Leave the logistics to us.

A Single Source

Single Source - HiRes

One Source. Everything that matters.

Our Research Desk assembles information from hundreds of public and private sources – from official House and Senate reports to executive rules to watchdog reports – LobbyTools ensures you have the information you need to be a successful participant in the process.


Research Desk - HiRes

We help you identify threats and opportunities.

Quickly find legislation and analysis, bill amendments and more with our advanced research tools. Automate your search with alerts and rest easy – you won’t miss that needle in the haystack.

Bill Tracking

Bill Tracking - HiRes

Outsource the legislative monitoring process.

Bill tracking is a cornerstone of LobbyTools. Identify bills, keywords and statutes of interest and let us take over the entire monitoring process. LobbyTools will tell which bills reference critical statutes, where to be and how your bills are progressing.


Calendar - HiRes

Show up in the right place at the right time.

Never miss another meeting. Our industry leading calendar – combining a daily schedule of committee meetings, floor sessions, fundraisers, social receptions, press conferences, executive hearings, cabinet meetings and more. Even better – live stream events on your desktop or smartphone with one click.

Discover the secret of Florida’s most demanding and influential legislative participants.

Legislators & Committees

Legislators - HiRes

Know who to call and how to reach them.

Our database of contacts is shifting as constantly as key staff transition, offices move and executives are promoted.

Statute Tracking

Statute - HiRes

We’ve got your back.

Statute tracking is your simplest, best defense. You identify statutes and LobbyTools will alert you when bills are filed or amended to reference your chapters and sections.


Folders - HiRes

Track by client, issue or staff member

Every LobbyTools subscriber has multiple concerns. Our custom folders helps sort it all out. Create separate tracking lists for clients, issues, associates or priorities. LobbyTools saves all prior session data, allowing you to pick up this year what died in committee last year.


Alerts - HiRes

We don’t go home until your next day’s schedule and custom activity reports are prepared and delivered – guaranteed.

LobbyTools email alerts provide notifications of breaking news, your daily calendar, bill action reports and more.

Government Action – Expertly Curated & Conveniently Organized


Mobile - HiRes

Our subscribers are on the move.

We make it easy to keep up – whether you’re in the office or on the go. Our iOS and Android apps are considered an essential tool for Florida’s capitol pros.

News Service

News - HiRes

News now moves faster and reaches further than ever before.

Access articles from major Florida and National sources. Create a custom list of keywords and let LobbyTools generate keyword reports for you. Deliver professionally formatted custom news reports for your clients or associates with the click of a button.


Analyst - HiRes

Subject matter experts unite!

Give important clients or legal staff secure access to the latest bill information including bill summaries, sponsors, updated bill text, amendments, staff analysis and statute citations. Allow your associates access to only the bills you want them to see and eliminate the time consuming process of providing daily updates for basic progress information. Analyst is an advanced workflow tool – allowing your associates to input notes or upload files that will assist you in representing their positions more effectively.

Web Publisher

Web Publisher - HiRes

Keep your network up-to-date – automatically.

Publish news clips, bills or files directly from LobbyTools to your website or a secure intranet. This tool provides the most cost-effective means of displaying and maintaining legislative actions, critical documents and important news of the day. Setup takes just minutes and requires no technical knowledge to update – saving time, reducing costs and keeping your membership or constituency up to date. Click here to see it in action.

Trust an Unbiased Source

Florida’s fastest, most accurate and non-partisan resource.

Access the full breadth of LobbyTools 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. Including:
All of the Data
From all of today’s legislative action to leadership and executive announcements to news from top sources. In short, everything that matters. All in one place.
All of the News
Available up to the minute with customized alerts and full search capability.
All of it easy to use
Tell us what matters to you, set up alerts and we’ll take it from there.
You’ll also get new features for free.
LobbyTools is continually improving with new features added all the time. When a new feature released, you get access right away, with no added fees. Ask how you can enlist our entire team of professional researchers and our powerful system for less than $10 per day, Begin a no cost, no obligation trial today and discover the power of LobbyTools.

We Search, We Track, We Report.

You influence.