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  • Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations: Springs bill passes final Senate stop - Senate budget chief Rob Bradley's bill to annually fund Florida springs and pay for restoration of the St. Johns River passed the last committee Thursday.
  • Guns: Background check fees legislation heads to the floor - The Senate Appropriations Committee passed legislation to modernize how gun sellers pay background check fees.
  • Florida’s Elections Process 101: Resign-to-run law on floors of both chambers - Bills to require state and local politicians to resign before seeking higher office have made it to the floor of both chambers.
  • Gambling: Narrow Senate gambling bill passes 1st committee - A Senate bill that address several gambling issues does not touch on sports betting to avoid a meltdown with the lower chamber.
  • Senate: District 16: No special election for Jack Latvala seat - There will not be a special election to replace Sen. Jack Latvala in the Florida Senate.
  • Senate: District 18: Young gets rematch from Bob Buesing - Tampa lawyer Bob Buesing will again challenge Sen. Dana Young, R-Tampa, as a Democrat in the 2018 election cycle.
  • Economic Development Appropriations: Sales tax legislation passes last committee - Legislation limiting local sales tax referendums has passed its final House committee.
  • PreK-12 Education Appropriations: Schools of Hope moves a step forward - The Florida Board of Education approved a rule allowing private nonprofits to apply to receive "Schools of Hope" funding.

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